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Doin’ it all for the love

Photo By Aaron Dodds
Rider: Blake Paul
Photo By Aaron Dodds

Of Life and Love was an idea passed down from the late Aaron Robinson. The goal was to make a snowboard video that not only showcased the physical action of snowboarding, but what goes on behind the scenes. What is the real reason we all snowboard? It wasn’t all about the contests and video parts for A Rob, it was about the experiences snowboarding provided him on and off his board. He knew there was something special there. After A Rob passed away last summer, Sam Tour and crew released Manifest- a tribute to his amazing life and talent on a snowboard. This season we adopted A Rob’s proposal for Of Life and Love and carried out his final duties. Although we ran into problems along the way, and picked the worst season to film a powder-dominated movie, the outcome shows unique places across the globe, contrasting personalities and styles, and most importantly, people having fun on their snowboards. – Blake Paul


Rider: Alex YoderPhoto By Aaron Dodds
Rider: Alex Yoder
Photo By Aaron Dodds

For me, this film is just about getting out there and boarding. It was Aaron’s vision to make a film that was based on getting together with your best friends and just riding like you always do. The only difference being that someone would be pointing a camera at you. His idea stemmed from brotherhood. Trying to showcase this unbreakable bond between family, blood relation or not. Brothers who shared this passion that compelled them to drive for days at a time, sleep in their cars in sub-zero temperatures, hike through neck deep snow, and risk life and limb just to float down a mountain on a board. After Aaron passed away we were left with his ideal: to live for the moment. It became fact that we would do just that and make it happen, because why wouldn’t we? All we set out to do was rip and bash and get barreled all the time. And that’s all it is, the journey of life and love. – Alex Yoder

Rider: Gray ThompsonPhoto: Sean Kerrick
Rider: Gray Thompson
Photo: Sean Kerrick

Filming for Of Life And Love wasn’t like filming “for” something. It was just us living our lives and doing what we love and there just so happened to be someone there with a camera to witness it. And thankfully for that, people will get to see pure, organic, non-GMO, no-bullshit snowboarding that will make them think about their priorities, abandon their conventional lifestyles, move into their cars, and spend every moment of their lives doing solely what they love to do.  – Gray Thompson

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