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Deep in Carter Country

I met MarkCarter more than 10 years ago, and we have been good buddies ever since. Talk about two kids from opposite backgrounds, but there was something that brought us together — and that same thing has kept us best buds and business partners. We both met our first year in Jackson Hole while working for the Park & Pipe crew, and I’ve been taking photographs and video of Mark ever since.

P.S. For A Good Time Head To The J-Hole

Hana Beaman is no stranger to the pixels of this website, so why not give her her own webisode series? Throughout the season Hana will have a new webisode every other Wednesday under the name “P.S.”…. You know, like P.S. I love you, but in Hana’s case it would be more like P.S….. well we won’t go there in fear of getting our asses kicked. In this fourth episode Hana Beaman gets into the Jackson Hole backcountry as well as the freshly opened Stash park. Guest appearances by Tara Dakides, Natasza Zurek, and Pat Bridges.

P.S. webisodes comes to Jackson

This series focuses on the life and travels of women’s pro snowboarder Hana Beaman. In this episode titled,”I don’t think we’re in Utah Anymore”. Hana travels to Von Zipper Headquaters then back SLC only to next find herself in the Jackson backcountry with Tara Dakides and some fireworks. Stay tuned for the next episode on March 3rd.