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Handcrafted in the Hole

The story of Franco Snowshapes began more than 30 years ago when Mikey Franco caught the early wave of the snowboard “fad,” growing up on the slopes of Pennsylvania. His dedication to the shred life and a passion for teaching got him into snowboard instructing while he was still in high school. After graduation, Franco and his close friend, Mot Gatehouse, headed west for Jackson Hole, where the folks at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort immediately offered them jobs as snowboard instructors, because … well, they were some of the only people in the country with experience teaching snowboarding.

Don’t Sweat the Technique

In a sunny showroom on Alpine Lane, designers at the new lifestyle brand Aion have been quietly plugging away. While the surfer/mountain vibe of Aion’s beanies, hats, hoodies, T-shirts, flannels and more will initially catch your eye (for both ladies and men), it’s the company’s founding philosophy, which continues to shape the brand, that really deserves your attention.

Under the Influence

Oh, Jackson! You make it so easy. Every photo is a postcard, every sight a religious experience. We farm beauty with the bare-knuckled determination of a kid scribbling out a Christmas list. But what happens when you look away, inward, upward, or deeply at the weird? If you were to do this, who would you be? What would you create? I rapped with local artist Meagan Schmoll about this very thing.*

Deep in Carter Country

I met MarkCarter more than 10 years ago, and we have been good buddies ever since. Talk about two kids from opposite backgrounds, but there was something that brought us together — and that same thing has kept us best buds and business partners. We both met our first year in Jackson Hole while working for the Park & Pipe crew, and I’ve been taking photographs and video of Mark ever since.

Doin’ it all for the love

Of Life and Love was an idea passed down from the late Aaron Robinson. The goal was to make a snowboard video that not only showcased the physical action of snowboarding, but what goes on behind the scenes. What is the real reason we all snowboard? It wasn’t all about the contests and video parts for A Rob, it was about the experiences snowboarding provided him on and off his board. He knew there was something special there. After A Rob passed away last summer, Sam Tour and crew released Manifest- a tribute to his amazing life and talent on a snowboard.