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Dick’s Ditch Banked Slalom Classic at JHMR Recap


Captions and Photos by: elliott alston

In its 13th year, the Dick’s Ditch Classic Banked Slalom event has become a staple of each year here in Jackson. When registration is full days before the event that must mean something. Pretty much if you were slacking trying to sign up the day before inspection, it was too late. See you next year.


I usually help build the course but this year i was traveling. The course was from the top of Dick’s Ditch to the South Pass Traverse.


JHMR mountain hosts are always in full force during events.


Blake Paul on his way to a second place finish.


I told Mike Day i would buy him a beer if he did a method off the step up. Now all he has to do is find me.


Watch out for onlooking traffic.


I was standing in the crowd and managed to get this shot of Dan Rodosky throwing the method of the day.


Kurt Carbone tweeking out a tailgrab.


    Men’s Masters Results
  • 1st- C.W. Dein
  • 2nd- Chad Taylor
  • 3rd – Jay Zoeckler
  • day_meth

      Women’s Pro Results
  • 1st- Karen Fisher
  • 2nd- Emma Rahme
  • 3rd – Anna Hebard
  • day_meth

      Men’s Pro Results
  • 1st- Rob Kingwill
  • 2nd- Blake Paul
  • 3rd – Kurt Carbone
  • NBS in Steamboat Springs. life and times with elliott.

    Photos and Captions by : Elliott Alston

    Every other year the organization of National Brotherhood of Skiers has a summit somewhere in the northern hemisphere. This year’s destination was Steamboat Springs, Colorado. In past years i did not have the opportunity to make the summit.

    This year has proved to be different for myself. i know that out of handful of friends in Jackson one of them might be down. I gave my man, Gramps from Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard School a call to check his schedule. Turns out he had some time away from Black Crab Diving and that was that.

    It took us about half a day, we pulled in and went to the Renegade Party series event of that night. There my NBS started with a pound from Gramps and a couple beers.


    This is Loryn Kasten of Steamboat Springs Ski and Resort Corporation. She hooked me up with some tickets and was willing to take this picture with me after i drug her down 6 flights of stairs in stilettos. I was definitely backing her style.

    Steamboat was was very laid back, as exhibited by this liftie.

    Gramps and a brotha i met on the chair from St. Louis. He was down to shred so we went to the top of lift access.

    Ain’t no party like a black people apres-ski party.

    This is my man Brian Deka Paupaw from, Eric and myself. Brian had checked the Moments in Darkness web series and after that it was on.

    I was smiling just as big as Gramps was.

    T- Shirt of the week fo sho!

    There were so many beautiful ladies in Steamboat for the week. I could only stay a couple of nights, sorry.

    I’m pretty sure when Spyder made this for the U.S. Ski Team. They never envisioned it looking this fresh.

    Whenever you have 80+ African Americans in one place for an event. Guaranteed there will be someone selling the t-shirt.

    We were staying in town and went to check out one of the local breweries. Mahogany Ridge brewery and grill was a couple blocks away. This dim brewery had a great atmosphere for raging or keeping it mellow. I did the latter, not a bad way to end my first day in the boat’.

    My second day started off at the Soulboarders rental house. Toni Fields invited me in to their brunch. She told me that she’s been pointing at cameras in pictures since she was 14 and that’s how it went down.

    The Soulboarder house was on point. A couple of jumpshots straight into some shred, shiat, sign me up. Deka did his best Patrick Ewing after this picture.

    This was my first “Electric Slide” apres experience. I couldn’t pass it up.

    Soon after a couple of adult beverages were in order. Make sure if your in Steamboat to check out The Paramount. They use fresh ingredients and make dope cocktails. They will pretty much make anything for you if u come correct.

    I saw this rad looking chick, it happened to be Izzy Lalive and sparked a conversation to only find out she was wearing Remind Insoles. Shouts to Makens, wherever he is.

    This mid winter excursion to Steamboat was well worth it. Not to mention the fact that NBS is the shit. I will definetly be going back to Steamboat sooner or later. As for NBS, we’ll just have to see where the next summit is and try and make it happen. I might even try and register officially next time.